Jan 18, 2009

Easy Peasy Baby Bib Pattern

A co-worker's daughter had a baby a few months ago. Of course I didn't buy a gift. Of course I procrastinated on making one. Eventually, I came up with a project I could work on over a few nights. Thus, the Easy Peasy Baby Bib was born. I saw a bib pattern I liked but it wasn't quite what I had in my head, so necessity being the mother of invention, blah blah blah, I made my own pattern which yo can download HERE (PDF file).

Using Sugar 'n Cream cotton and sz. 9 US sticks, I made the three bibs you see here - over the course of three evenings. I'm a "thrower", or English style knitter, so it takes me longer than your speed demon continental type, but I bet you can whip one up in a couple of hours.

I hear through the familial grapevine that my brother and his wife are expecting. Guess what Auntie Stink Eye will be whipping up!

Happy knitting!